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To: All with service listings at

Thank you for listing your services with which has made it the most popular web directory of genealogy related services on the Internet. It is well understood that you have many options for promotion and advertising your services and this message will explain that provides the best value in the genealogy related service sector.

On Sunday November 4, an unsolicited email was sent to some of those listed at as an invitation to list your services on a new genealogists finder website. Although I would encourage all those listed at to advertise your services in a wide variety of ways, this particular new service provides significantly less benefit than the benefits available with your current or upgraded listing. For those who wish to increase the activity of their genealogy related business, has for years provided 2 specific additional ways to attract new clients.

(1) Increase your ranking in the research specialty directories, by making subscription prepayments as described on the web page at

(2) Subscribing to the Web Visitor Traffic Boost Service described on the web page at

Either of these options would be much more effective than a listing on any new unknown website. I am confident with this assessment based on information reported by Google, Yahoo and To confirm this assertion, please review the information at Surprisingly, this new unproven website with negligible visitor activity has a starting price which is 50% higher than the entry price at The experience at shows that it takes years and much hard work to develop the extensive visitor traffic now enjoyed by those listed at  A new website will take years to develop the same success and only if the same level of effort is expended with the same level of expertise. Creating an attractive website is only one small step on the route to building visitor traffic which can provide new clients to the professional. Although the new website advertises expertise with search engine optimization/optimisation, the reality of the situation shows otherwise. Neither Google nor Yahoo report any external inlinks (backlinks) and the Google PageRank shows a poor score of 2/10 as compared to the 4/10 score for statistics clearly show that is the most visited web directory of professional genealogists on the Internet.

Interestingly, the unsolicited email references a search keyword example where is the number one search result with both Google and Yahoo. Thanks are owed for this example which shows the success of

The new service does not explain how it will sequence the listings in the specialty lists as described for on the web page at Naturally, everyone wants to be number one and provides well defined rules that implements fairness in a sustainable business model. 

I certainly will be pleased to hear from anyone who has any questions or requires any clarification of these issues.

Note that new specialty directories have recently been added to It is always a good idea to review your listing to ensure that it is included in all specialties that are relevant to your services. Note also the updated formatting for the home page and the directory listings. I hope that you find this new formatting to be an improvement.

Best regards,
Terry Young