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LookupFamily History Record Lookups

The lookup services are listed below. Select the lookup service to get more information for the lookup service. Select the researcher to get more information on the researcher.

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Type Country Select below for more on this record lookup service Fee Professional Researcher
Marriage CanadaCanada Ontario Marriage Records C$15 Ann Logan Ontario Origins/Quebec Quests
Marriage CanadaCanada Quebec Parish Registers C$30 Ann Logan Ontario Origins/Quebec Quests
Marriage EnglandEngland Sussex, Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire Marriage Indexes 3 Family Tree Research Service Service
Marriage EnglandEngland GRO indexes 15 Vanessa Morgan Worcestershire Warwickshire & Birmingham Research
Marriage IrelandIreland Irish Marriage Certificate 50 Michael Walsh Family Lines
Marriage ItalyItaly Marriage record from Italy. US$95 Debora L. Hill, BA History, MLS archives PALLANTE CENTER for Italian Research
Marriage NIrelandNIreland Marriage Certificate from Northern Ireland 1845 - 1921 50 Michael Walsh Family Lines
Marriage ScotlandScotland Scottish Marriage Certificate, 1855-2008 US$40 Kirsty F. Wilkinson My Ain Folk - Scotland Research
Marriage UKUK Family History Look-ups 20 Lisa Dunbar, Dip. Gen. Past Discoveries
Marriage UKUK Marriage certificate (England & Wales) 1837-2005 24 Karen Cummings Professional Family History
Marriage UKUK Certificate US$30 Jenny Dunford Jenny Potter researcher for Somerset Wiltshire, Hampshire & Dorset
Marriage UKUK English Marriage Certificate, 1837-2005 AU$35 Preservetime
Marriage USAUSA Marriage Record Search US$55 Raquel Lindaas, B. A., AG Heritage Consulting Professional Genealogy Research Services
Marriage WalesWales Welsh newspapers marriage announcement US$40 Eilir Ann Daniels Your Welsh Ancestors


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