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Did some of your ancestors live in Ontario? We specialize in Early Ontario & Early Toronto research

We have several databases on our site. Here is a partial list. The databases can be viewed on our web site at http://www.ontarioroots.com:

1) NEW: 1853 City of Toronto Tax Assessment Rolls! -- This is a complete transcription of the Tax Assessment Rolls for 1853 in the City of Toronto. A joint project with the Toronto Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society and the City of Toronto Archives. OntarioRoots.com is the exclusive host for this rare early Toronto database!

2) 1901 Toronto Census Finder -- This database allows you to enter an address and find out where the census is for that address. It is linked directly to the National Library & Archives Canada site for images of the census. As well, you can enter a rural address (for areas surrounding Toronto) and find the same information

3) Find An Address -- Sort of a "reverse directory" for the 1901 census in Toronto. Enter the district, sub-district, divison and page number and you can find out what the address was for that entry.

4) List of Streets -- Find a list of the streets as they were on the 1901 census in Toronto.

5) Toronto Street List -- Enter a year, and a ward, and find out which streets were in that ward at that time. Excellent research tool for cross-referencing with City Directories.

6) Toronto Street History -- Confused by the streets which seem to keep changing name? Enter a street name and you'll get a history of that street including why it was named as it was, and in which wards it was at various time. You'll also see how the street was extended as the city grew over the years.

7) Post Card Collection -- We have an extensive collection of early Toronto PostCards (most from the turn of the century).