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Heraldic Identification

Genealogist and Researcher in Archives

Do you have a piece of family silver, or other family heirloom which has a coat of arms or crest on it? or are you an auction house, antique dealer or collector seeking out the provenance of a particular piece?

If the answer is yes, we will be happy to try to identify the arms or crest for you.

There are, however, many bogus coats of arms or crests out there which have been placed on family heirlooms and other antiques in the past or by individuals who had no proper claim to the arms concerned. We cannot guarantee that your prized heirloom, antique or collector's piece will have an authentic coat of arms on it, but if it has, it may very well open the door to some very interesting family history research.

If you are interested, contact us with a description and/or photograph of the object in question and we will attempt to identify the arms on your heirloom or give a likely provenance of the object concerned. We cannot however guarantee a positive result every time.