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For County Kildare, Civil Parishes like
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Parish Barony Union
Ardkill Carbury Edenderry
Ardree Kilkea and Moone Athy
Ballaghmoon Kilkea and Moone Athy
Ballybought Naas South Naas
Ballybrackan Offaly West Athy
Ballymany Offaly East Naas
Ballymore Eustace Naas South Naas
Ballynadrumny Carbury Edenderry
Ballynafagh Clane Naas
Ballysax Offaly East Athy
Ballysax Offaly East Naas
Ballyshannon Offaly East Athy
Ballyshannon Offaly East Naas
Ballyshannon Offaly West Athy
Balraheen Ikeathy and Oughterany Celbridge
Belan Kilkea and Moone Athy
Bodenstown Naas North Naas
Brannockstown Naas South Naas
Brideschurch Clane Naas
Cadamstown Carbury Edenderry
Carbury Carbury Edenderry
Carn Offaly East Athy
Carn Offaly East Naas
Carnalway Naas South Naas
Carragh Clane Naas
Carrick Carbury Edenderry
Castledermot Kilkea and Moone Athy
Castledermot Kilkea and Moone Baltinglass
Castledermot Kilkea and Moone Carlow
Castledillon South Salt Celbridge
Churchtown Narragh and Reban West Athy
Clane Clane Naas
Clonaghlis South Salt Celbridge
Cloncurry Ikeathy and Oughterany Celbridge
Cloncurry Offaly East Edenderry
Cloncurry Offaly East Naas
Clonshanbo Ikeathy and Oughterany Celbridge
Coghlanstown Naas South Naas
Confey North Salt Celbridge
Davidstown Narragh and Reban East Athy
Donadea Ikeathy and Oughterany Celbridge
Donaghcumper North Salt Celbridge
Donaghcumper South Salt Celbridge
Donaghmore North Salt Celbridge
Downings Clane Naas
Duneany Offaly West Athy
Dunfierth Carbury Edenderry
Dunmanoge Kilkea and Moone Athy
Dunmurraghill Ikeathy and Oughterany Celbridge
Dunmurry Offaly East Naas
Feighcullen Connell Naas
Feighcullen Offaly East Edenderry
Fontstown Narragh and Reban East Athy
Fontstown Offaly West Athy
Forenaghts South Salt Naas
Gilltown Naas South Naas
Graney Kilkea and Moone Athy
Graney Kilkea and Moone Baltinglass
Grangeclare Offaly East Edenderry
Grangeclare Offaly East Naas
Grangerosnolvan Kilkea and Moone Athy
Greatconnell Connell Naas
Harristown Offaly West Athy
Haynestown South Salt Naas
Jago Naas South Naas
Johnstown Naas North Naas
Kerdiffstown Naas North Naas
Kilberry Narragh and Reban West Athy
Kilcock Ikeathy and Oughterany Celbridge
Kilcullen Kilcullen Naas
Kildangan Offaly West Athy
Kildare Connell Naas
Kildare Offaly East Edenderry
Kildare Offaly East Naas
Kildrought North Salt Celbridge
Kilkea Kilkea and Moone Athy
Kill Naas South Naas
Kill South Salt Naas
Killadoon North Salt Celbridge
Killashee Naas North Naas
Killashee Naas South Naas
Killelan Kilkea and Moone Athy
Killelan Kilkea and Moone Baltinglass
Killybegs Clane Naas
Kilmacredock North Salt Celbridge
Kilmeage Connell Naas
Kilmeage Offaly East Naas
Kilmore Carbury Edenderry
Kilpatrick Carbury Edenderry
Kilrainy Carbury Edenderry
Kilrush Offaly West Athy
Kilteel South Salt Naas
Kineagh Kilkea and Moone Baltinglass
Knavinstown Offaly West Athy
Lackagh Offaly West Athy
Ladytown Connell Naas
Laraghbryan North Salt Celbridge
Leixlip North Salt Celbridge
Lullymore Offaly East Edenderry
Lyons South Salt Celbridge
Mainham Ikeathy and Oughterany Celbridge
Monasterevin Offaly West Athy
Moone Kilkea and Moone Athy
Moone Narragh and Reban East Athy
Moone Offaly East Naas
Morristownbiller Connell Naas
Mylerstown Carbury Edenderry
Naas Naas North Naas
Narraghmore Kilkea and Moone Athy
Narraghmore Narragh and Reban East Athy
Narraghmore Narragh and Reban East Baltinglass
Narraghmore Narragh and Reban West Athy
Nurney Carbury Edenderry
Nurney Offaly West Athy
Oldconnell Connell Naas
Oughterard South Salt Naas
Painestown Kilkea and Moone Athy
Pollardstown Offaly East Naas
Rathangan Offaly East Edenderry
Rathangan Offaly East Naas
Rathangan Offaly West Athy
Rathernan Connell Naas
Rathmore Naas North Naas
Scullogestown Ikeathy and Oughterany Celbridge
Sherlockstown Naas North Naas
St. John's Narragh and Reban West Athy
St. Michaels Kilkea and Moone Athy
St. Michaels Narragh and Reban West Athy
Stacumny South Salt Celbridge
Straffan North Salt Celbridge
Taghadoe North Salt Celbridge
Tankardstown Kilkea and Moone Athy
Tankardstown Narragh and Reban East Athy
Thomastown Offaly East Edenderry
Timahoe Clane Naas
Timolin Narragh and Reban East Baltinglass
Tipper Naas North Naas
Tipperkevin Naas South Naas
Tully Kilcullen Athy
Tully Kilcullen Naas
Tully Offaly East Athy
Tully Offaly East Naas
Usk Narragh and Reban East Naas
Walterstown Offaly West Athy
Whitechurch Naas North Naas