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FamilySearch.org has vital records for the Scandinavian countries.

Denmark census databases are at

The Danish Emigration Archives databases are at

The Finland Emigrant Register is at www.migrationinstitute.fi. Sources include passport records, passenger records of the Finland Steamship Company and information on Finns deceased abroad.

Sheriff's Passport List of the Åland Islands 1863-1916 is at  www.genealogia.fi/emi/krono/indexe.htm

The 1890 Swedish Census with Counties; Norrbotten, Västerbotten, Västernorrland, Jämtland and Värmland is at www.foark.umu.se/census

DIS Computer Genealogy Society of Sweden has vital records at  www.dis.se/dbyt_e_index.htm. Logging in with user name Guest and password Guest provides limited access. Full Access requires a $15 subscription. 

The following 3 maps can be purchased at Ancestry.com 

Northern States: 1772 (Sweden, Denmark & Norway) Originally published in 1772, Robert Sayer’s map of the Northern States of Scandinavia shows the area divided into provinces. Take a look at the Sweden, Denmark, and Norway of the 18th century, including government districts in neighboring parts of Russia, Poland, and the present-day Baltic states. Dimensions: 18” x 24"

Sweden & Norway: 1875 This black and white reprint of Edward Weller’s 1875 map of Sweden and Norway details the internal provincial subdivisions in each country. Weller’s map also locates railroad lines, principal rivers, cities, towns, and many smaller villages. Dimensions: 18” x 24"

Sweden (South): 1833 J. & C. Walker’s map of the southern provinces of Sweden was originally published nearly 200 years ago in 1833. This elegant reprint provides a valuable resource for the European genealogist, detailing major roads, towns, mountain ranges, and provincial boundaries in Sweden south of the province of Falu. Dimensions: 18” x 24"

Sweden about 1658 - Map
New Sweden and New Netherlands, 1600s - Map
The story of New Sweden : as told at the quarter centennial celebration of the founding of the Swedish colony in the woods of M
Kristina Wasa, Queen of Sweden (1626-89) - Thought of the day
Scandinavia Vital Records Index CD-ROM - Free Article
Värmland, Sweden, Parish Records, 1661-1895 - Database

Sweden: An Illustrated History BOOK SPECIFICATIONS Paperback Author: Sprague, Martina Page count: 234 Language: English Publisher: Hippocrene Books Published: 8/1/2005
Scandinavia since 1500 BOOK SPECIFICATIONS Hardcover Author: Nordstrom, Byron Page count: 400 Language: English Publisher: University of Minnesota Press Published: 2000

Nordic Characters æ/Æ  ø/Ø  å/Å

Norway, Sweden and Denmark have 3 special vowels in addition to the normal 26 letters, A to Z, used in English. This adds to the confusion of the normal changes in spelling over time. It is not uncommon to see inconsistencies in the reference to the same place, as in the example, Hægebostad, Haegebostad, Hagebostad, and Helgebostad. These inconsistencies make it difficult to search for this place in a database.

Patronymic Naming

Scandinavian naming patterns differ by region and time. The greatest difference is the use of patronymic or father-names. The following example from the 1865 census shows that John, the son of Gunnuf Olsen, was called John Gunnufsen. Sometimes Gunnufson or Gunnufsøn would be used. The following records also show that Siri, the daughter of Gunnuf Olsen, was called Siri Gunnufsdatter. Sometimes this is shortened to Gunnufsdtr but would be pronounced Gunnufstet. There are also cases where a daughter would be called Anne Taraldsen instead of Anne Taraldsdatter. Traditionally, women would keep their own patronymic after marriage as your see in the following example. So Siri Johnsdatter is the wife of Gunnuf Olsen.

Data on domicile:
Census year: 1865
Municipality: Hægebostad
Name of domicile: Naglestad
Number of persons in this domicile: 8.
Name    Family status Marital status Birth year Birth place Occupation
Gunnuf Olsen         Husfader      g 1817 Helgebostad Prgj.  Gaardbruger og Selveier
Siri   Johnsdatter   hans Kone     g 1813 Helgebostad Prgj.
John   Gunnufsen     deres Søn    ug 1849 Vigmondstad Prgj.
Ole    Gunnufsen     deres Søn    ug 1853 Vigmondstad Prgj.
Tobias Gunnufsen     deres Søn    ug 1858 Helgebostad Prgj.
Aasa   Gunnufsdatter deres Datter ug 1847 Vigmondstad Prgj.
Siri   Gunnufsdatter deres Datter ug 1857 Vigmondstad Prgj.
Johana Gunnufsdatter deres Datter ug 1862 Helgebostad Prgj.

Another naming scheme is to add the name of your farm to your name. For example, Margit Olsdatter lived at the Stensrud farm and became known as Margit Oldsdatter Stensrud. Some records may have this part of the name and some may not. If a person moved to a different farm, their name may change.

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