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Land Records

McGill University's Canadian County Atlas Digital Project is at ◊◊digital.library.mcgill.ca/countyatlas.  Between 1874 and 1881, 32 Ontario county atlases were produced, 17 by H. Belden & Co. and 8 by H.R. Page & Co. In total, 40 Ontario counties were covered. These atlases are an excellent resource for genealogist because names of residents were marked on the lots of the township maps. this web site has all of the names indexed and will show the location of the name on the township map. This site has an excellent locate of map feature, which shows you the location of a specific name on the large maps. Here is an example of part of one of the maps.

Solution! I was able to use this atlas to find my Irish immigrant ancestors, Matthew & Jane Serson, who lived at Antrim Ontario. It was great to be able to see in the map the exact farm where they lived. My inherited family information said that Jane had a sister Susan who married Thomas McCormick and I had some names of their descendants but not indication as to where they lived.  Did they come to Canada or did they stay in Ireland? The county map showed me the answer. Two farms over from the Serson farm was the McCormick farm. Because of this map, I was able to find living relatives of both families.

The Ontario Land Records Index information is at http://www.archives.gov.on.ca/english/guides/rg_205_land-records.aspx. The index itself is not available via the internet. 

The 1870-1930 Western Land Grants database at ◊◊http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/databases/western-land-grants/001007-100.01-e.php.

To determine the meaning of the Western land references Sec/Twp/Rge/Mer coordinates, look at  www.afhs.ab.ca/data/census/1906/geographic_tools.html

Map showing the western land organization of Section-Township-Range showing the the township and section numbering system as in the following.


To understand census areas, use the clickable map of the 1895 Electoral Atlas of Canada and the 1874 Map of Ontario counties at http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/02/020151_e.html

Geographical names of Canada are at geonames.nrcan.gc.ca.

The government atlas of Canada is at http://atlas.gc.ca/site

Ontario 1871 census district maps and Census District Maps for the 1901 census and the 1895 election are at http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/02/020151_e.html

A guide to the regions of Ontario is at

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Canada, past, present and future : being a historical geographical, geological and statistical account of Canada West

Historical Atlas of Canada: Canada's History Illustrated with Original Maps BOOK SPECIFICATIONS Hardcover Author: Hayes, Derek Page count: 272 Language: English Publisher: Douglas & McIntyre Published: 10/1/200

Ontario, Canada Land Gazetteer, 1875-1881

Canada, Alaska, Newfoundland & Labrador is at www.ancestry.com/ancestry/FreeImages.asp?ImageID=284 

Canada and Newfoundland, 1867

Canada and Newfoundland: Early 20th Century Boundaries is at www.ancestry.com/ancestry/FreeImages.asp?ImageID=164  

Canada, 1994 is at www.ancestry.com/ancestry/FreeImages.asp?ImageID=726 

Eastern Townships and South Western Quebec, Canada Land/Gazetteer Records: 1881

Pictou County, Nova Scotia, Canada Land/Gazetteer Records: 1879

Prince Edward Island, Canada Land/Gazetteer Records: 1880

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