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Canada GenWeb is at www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~canwgw
The Canada GenWeb archives is at www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~canwgw/archives

Canadian Genealogical Projects Registry is at www.afhs.ab.ca/registry

The government's Canadian Genealogy Centre is at http://collectionscanada.gc.ca/genealogy.
Databases include

Archives Canada, formerly CAIN Canadian Archival Information Network, is the official archival portal to holdings of Canadian archival institutions at www.archivescanada.ca.



Early Canadiana Online is at ◊◊◊ www.canadiana.org/eco/index.html. Early Canadiana Online is a digital library providing access to over 1,330,000 pages of Canada's printed heritage.

Vital Statistics

Ontario Government Vital Statistics are not available online, but information on records searching is available at www.archives.gov.on.ca.  The volunteer run Ontario Vital Statistics project is at ◊◊www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~onvsr. The index of birth, marriage, and death notices appearing in the Brantford Expositor is at ◊brantford.library.on.ca. Marriages in Ontario, 1800-1924 is at ◊homepages.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~maryc/ontmarr.htm 

Manitoba vital statistics indexes are available online at

British Columbia's online Vital Event Indexes are at

Cemetery Records

Ontario Genealogy Societies have raised funds by publishing Cemetery Transcripts. The OCFA Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid at ◊◊ www.islandnet.com/ocfa is an index of names and cemeteries. Use the index to find a cemetery and then write to the genealogy society to get the transcript. The index for British Columbia is at ◊◊www.islandnet.com/bccfa.

The Saskatchewan cemetery index is at
Database down 20031112

Cemetery Images

Although cemetery transcripts let us search for names and dates, it is nice to be able to look at the actual gravemarker. The advent of digital photography makes it easy for people to take pictures of all the markers in a cemetery and make them available on the Internet. The Northeastern Ontario Canada Gravemarker Gallery is at ◊nocgg.maddoc.net. Ottawa valley gravemarkers are at  ◊www3.sympatico.ca/scott.naylor/Graves/NewIndex/GraveMarker1.HTM 

Government Archives

New Brunswick provincial archives is at ◊◊archives.gnb.ca.
Online databases of private, government and cemetery records. 

Halton County Ontario Historical and Newspaper Records are at

The scanned images of the Tanguay dictionary from the Quebec National Library are at  ◊◊http://banq.qc.ca/.

Immigration Records

Ships' Passenger Lists to Canada 1400 to 1800 are at

Immigration records from 1925-1935 is at http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/databases/immigration-1925/index-e.html.
The following is the record of my ancestor on her return from a trip from England.

Immigration Records (1925-1935)
Surname: Dunmore   Given name: Charlotte   Age: 72   Sex: F   Nationality: Ca
Date of arrival: 1925/03/29    Port of arrival: Halifax , Nova Scotia   Ship: CANOPIC , White Star
Reference: RG76 - Immigration, series C-1-b   Volume: 1925 volume 2   Page: 194   Microfilm reel: T-14801

The Miscellaneous Immigration Index is at ◊◊www.ingeneas.com/free

Irish Famine Migration to New Brunswick: 1845 - 1852 (23,318 Records ) is at http://archives.gnb.ca/APPS/PrivRecs/IrishFamine/Default-e.aspx

Marj Kohli's Immigrants to Canada web site is at ◊www.ist.uwaterloo.ca/~marj/genealogy/thevoyage.html

Germans Passengers to Nova Scotia 1749-1784 arrived in Halifax,
Nova Scotia are at www.palproject.org/ns

Passenger Lists For Vessels Associated with Newfoundland are at http://ngb.chebucto.org/Passenger


Historical Canadian Directories are available at www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/databases/canadiandirectories/index-e.html

New Brunswick Lovell Directory 1871 (35,829 records) is at http://archives.gnb.ca

New Brunswick Hutchinson Directories 1865-1868 are at http://archives.gnb.ca

Parliamentary Records

Senators and Members of the House of Commons throughout history are at ◊◊www.parl.gc.ca.

A search of the database results in the following table that links to additional information.

Name Political Affiliation at Constituency Date of 1st Election
CHARLTON, John (b. 1829.02.03, d. 1910.02.11) Liberal Norfolk North, Ontario 1872.10.12
CHARLTON, John Alpheus (b. 1907.07.05, d. 1977.01.28) Progressive Conservative Brant, Ontario 1945.06.11
CHARLTON, William Andrew (b. 1841.05.09, d. 1930.11.09) Liberal Norfolk, Ontario 1911.09.21

Amazing Individual Contributions

Al Lewis's Bytown or Bust is at ◊ www.bytown.net

Brenden & Linda MacKinnon's Sources for Genealogical Research in Canada is at ◊www3.sympatico.ca/bkinnon. It includes Cemetery & Tombstone Transcriptions & Death & Burial Registers Online which is at ◊www3.sympatico.ca/bkinnon/cemeteries.htm

Genealogy Resources for Southern Ontario is at ◊wingrove.tripod.com and duplicated at ◊freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~forontario

Canadian Genealogy and History links are at ◊islandnet.com/~cghl

Bill Martin's Early Ontario Records are at ◊http://my.tbaytel.net/bmartin/earlyont.htm and at ◊http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~wjmartin/

On-line databases related to the Yukon Territory are at ◊www.yukoncollege.yk.ca


Canada Parliamentary Marriage and Divorces, 1867-1919
Newspaper Records of Passengers to Canada
Loyalist Research of Canada
O Canada: An Introduction to Canadian Research
News from Canada's Post-1901 Census Project
Canada som fremtidsland
History of the Church in eastern Canada and Newfoundland
Canada : a memorial volume : a statistical and descriptive handbook of the Dominion
Chiploquorgan, or, Life by the camp fire in Dominion of Canada and Newfoundland
History of the settlement of Upper Canada (Ontario) : with special reference to the bay Quinté
Pioneer life among the loyalists in Upper Canada
Directory of the county of Bruce, Canada West
Les Canadiens-Français : origine des familles émigrées de France, d'Espagne, de Suisse, etc., pour venir se fixer au Canada, de
Armory and lineages of Canada : comprising pedigrees with historical notes, brief biographies, and family registers of prominen
The Gazetteer and Classified Business Directory of Canada (including Newfoundland) 1930 (on CD)
Canada as a National Property, 1926 (on CD)
Civil Service Lists for Quebec 1853 and Canada 1872 and 1894 (on CD)
Hand Book for the Dominion of Canada (on CD)
New France (Canada) - 1744
The Toronto Daily Star (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
Toronto Star Obituaries, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 1999 - April 2000, February 2001
History of the Settlement of Upper Canada
Border Crossings: From Canada to U.S., 1895-1956
Ontario, Canada: Civil Marriage Registrations, 1869-73
Ontario, Canada: Roman Catholic Marriages, 1827-1870
New Brunswick, Canada, Passenger Lists: 1834
Retired Allowances in the Civil Service of Canada: 1883
Ship Passengers Arriving in Canada (Letter A): 1919-1924
Civil Service List of Canada: 1911


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