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iHow do web visitors find your listing page?

There is now a new reporting service at to help you learn how visitors find your listing page. The more visitors that find your listing page, the more professional research activity will com to you.  For this reason, there is a web page at that will help you provide a better description of your services.

The new report shows you which web page a visitor came from prior to visiting your listing.
Records from most search engines crawlers/spiders, duplicates and administration activity have been eliminated to simply and shorten the list.
Records from search engine searchers should be of great interest because these identify keywords that were used to find your listing.
Records from*****, show you which specialty directories were used to find your listing.

It is hoped that this information will help you learn about your listing visitors and help you to improve your service description, by expanding it and including more keywords.

Historical information will not be kept for long period and old records will be eliminated periodically.

To view the new report, click the LOGIN button at the bottom of your listing page, enter your password, and then press the INQUIRIES button, and then click the "Web Visitor Statistics" link near the top of the page. There are also some options where the country of the visitor is identified.

You can improve the performance of your listing page, by expanding your service description. If you provide hyperlinks to your listing page from your website, your blog, any other website or your twitter page, you will improve the likelihood that your listing will be found. Information about links is on the web page at


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