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Features and Benefits has many technical features to help the professional communicate with potential clients.

searchDirectory Listing - Ensures that visitors can find what they are looking for

Geographic and research specialties are listed in the left margin. Each of these directories lists professions who specialize in these areas. Users look for professionals with these specialties. A professional who is listed in more specialties receives more visitors.

websiteWebsite - Ensures a web presence

The service listing is a small four page web site that can describe services, fees, qualifications, and other relevant information. To create a new listing, click here.

VisitorsHigh Visitor Traffic - Ensures that professional services are noticed is one of the top genealogy web sites in the world. Visitor traffic generates about a million hits a quarter. There is no better place to ensure that your professional services are noticed. For information on visitor traffic, click here.

searchKeyword Search - Ensures that all research specialties can be found

Visitors can search for professionals based on keywords in their service description. This is useful when the service of interest does not match the defined directory specialties.

inquiry enquiryInquiry/Enquiry Form - Ensures that inquiries get to the professional

Visitors are invited to send an inquiry via the inquiry form. The inquiry form provides a way of ensuring that message gets through and does not get lost to a SPAM junk email filter. The message is sent using three different schemes.

  • A normal email is sent to the professional from the client. Because the prospective client is unknown, the message may be lost to a SPAM filter. This is specially true for prospective clients who use free email services from yahoo, hotmail, and others.
  • A copy of this message is sent from so that the professional can configure their SPAM filter to accept messages from this address.
  • A third copy of the message is stored in an inquiry database that is accessible to the professional by using their password.

linksHyperlinks to Your Web Site - Ensures that your web site has a higher profile

Internet search engines like Google, rank their search results based on their definition of importance. One of the top criteria for importance, is the number of hyperlinks that point to a web site. Because your listing includes a hyperlink to your web site, your web site will obtain a higher search ranking and will therefore be discovered by more users searching for your services. For information on search engine ranking, click here.

websiteIndependent Web Site - Ensures that visitors are more likely to stop looking when they discover you is the ISP for genealogy professionals providing a full range of internet services including full web hosting. The main web site includes links to all professionals providing services. By having your own independent web site, you control what links are provided. Once the visitor has found your services, they have no need to search further. For information on full web hosting, click here.

informationFree Web Site - Ensures that there is lots of genealogy content to attract visitors

Free web space is provided for those who provide genealogy related content. This helps to attract visitors to and the services listed here. Use this space to publish information for your clients or for your clients to publish information for their other relatives. To create a free web site, click here.

notesBlog - Ensures the availability of the most important Internet phenomenon

Blogs are the most recent important Internet phenomenon. Blogs provide an easy to manage web facility for people to chronicle their family history discoveries. To create your own blog, click here.

discussionOnline Discussion Forum - Ensures that professionals can show their expertise

Online discussion forums provide a place for professionals to show their expertise to prospective clients. It is a way for professions to engage a visitor in a question and answer forum.

WindowsLatest Technology - Ensures that this web site performs well runs on Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server, ASP and ASP.NET. This ensures that the most advanced technology is used to service our clients.

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