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Free Genealogy Search - Scroll down to see the Search buttons

The names have been entered multiple times on this page. Each button will launch a new window which will give you references to the name. Once you have studied those references, come back to this page and try some of the other buttons. The launch of a new window is considered a pop-up, so you must allow the pop-up to get results. Once you have tried all of the buttons on this page, 

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Below are a number of search options to try. Simply press the search button  to activate the search. Try modifying or removing some of the search words so that you get better results. Study these examples to learn how to use the Advanced Search features.  
Return to WebSearch Wizard Step 1.   Questions? Suggest Improvements to the Site.

QWhy are there no search results yet?

AContinue to the search results by pressing a Search button. You will want to come back to this page and press more than one search button.

QWhy does nothing happen when I press the search button?

AYou are probably using a pop-up blocker which prevents a new window from launching. This web page launches a new window so that you can return to this page to try the other search buttons. Set your pop-up blocker to allow pop-ups for this web site. You do NOT need to block pop-ups on this site because it does NOT use any pop-up advertisements.

QWhy are there so many different search engine searches?

ABoth Google and MSN are limited in what can be searched. For example, Google searches are restricted to only 10 words. For this reason, the names are combined in different ways to search the web. Yahoo has the ability to search for all of the names together in one search. Only Google can search for the middle name as a wildcard. For example "John * Smith" will match "John Henry Smith".


YahooPress the Search button to search Yahoo for all names and keywords in one search  

MSNPress the Search buttons to try various MSN Searches                                             
MSN searches are restricted to 128 characters. Check your searches with long names to see if they are truncated.

Search for name and spouse and keywords
Search for name and parents

Press the Search button to search                                                                                         

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Wayne County Indiana Marriage License Database 1830-1904
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RootsWeb WorldConnect Project is the same database as the Ancestry World Tree        

Given Name omit living
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Death Place omit blanks
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