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Through my genealogy research work, more and more clients have asked me, if I could work as their guide in Denmark, meaning be a chauffeur and organize visits to churches, where ancestors were christened, go and visit the different addresses and so forth,in general "customize an ancestor experience trip" for 2-3 day ?
I have decided to expand with that as an option.
I would love to organize a trip for you following in the " footsteps of your ancestors", so Ūf you have planned to visit Denmark anyway, why not include and explore the places where your ancestor had their lives.
You do all normal work you would do to make a trip/go on vacation. you find the Hotel/apartment or whatever accommodations you would prefer for your trip. You plan and buy the plane tickets and so forth, but then you decide that you want to spend 2-3 days " walking in the footsteps of your ancestor" and this part, i'll take care of.
Each day will be on 6-10 hours, depending on what part of Denmark your ancestors were born and lived. I will have a car for you, be a driver, be the historian, and have made arrangement for you to visit the different sites, yes maybe you would like to meet living relatives, so maybe I have done the research and found them for you,as well.
I will do everything to give you a memory for life, and I will be at your service for the 2-3 days the visit will go on.
If this has your interest, please use the form and contact me.

I wish you a fantastic and memorable trip and vacation time in Denmark.

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