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JE Genealogy Research England, Jack Earnshaw

JE Genealogy Research England

Jack Earnshaw
30 Copse Drive
Wokingham Berkshire
RG41 1LX United Kingdom
United Kingdom Phone+44 (0)118 978 5168
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eXpertGenealogy Professional listing since February 2004

Family History Research in Berkshire, Surrey, Oxfordshire, Hampshire, Devon, Yorkshire

I have been researching my own family history now for some years and you can can see the results of my research on my family tree web site

I had started with just my immediate, small family and just one elderly aunt who was able to give me some vague information of around 20 people. Similarly, we had precious little knowledge of my wife's family. Now, through painstaking research and the discovery (through building my own web site) of others researching the same families, we have built up a family tree consisting of over 7,500 names - and discovered quite a few living relations.

With a background in mathematics and computing, I have the skills necessary to tackle the analysis and problem solving that is frequently required to unravel those brick walls you sometimes reach in this type of research.

Look at a quite typical case study that gave one family the start it needed to search out their tree - in that case I only had two confirmed, and 4 possible other names to start from!

Living in Berkshire in the UK, I can most easily research history in that area, or the surrounding counties of Surrey, Hampshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire. But I also have a lot of research material on Devon, Cornwall and West Yorkshire.

I will take your brief and, after discussing specific details of your requirements with you, will undertake to trace the ancestry of your family as far back as you require. We will agree a maximum cost before I start as none of us want any nasty surprises should the task be more complex than expected.

My prime expertise is in tracing families back to 1837 when formal, national records began. I can also undertake research using parish records before that date, but this may entail travel costs unless the research is within easy reach of Berkshire.

The minimum requirement is to provide a name, age and date of at least one person in your family that you want to be traced back. For more common names, it would be essential to provide additional names to ensure that the correct family is traced - John Smith born in London between 1880 and 1885 is unlikely to be very productive.

Generating a family tree is extremely interesting in its own right. Some of it can be researched relatively simply, but other parts, especially the female line, can be very time consuming.

Why do all the work yourself? There may be others researching the same family. Did you know that the most common entry typed into an Internet Search Engine is your own name? Hence the idea of publishing your family tree on your own web site.

To carry out a search for ancestors and to produce a documented family tree, based on the information provided, the cost will be 12 per hour inclusive of local travel, search costs, copying, postage and telephone calls. The charge for certificates is 8. Copies of photographs and parish register or similar information from the County Record Offices will be based on the costs incurred - some Record Offices charge as much as 1.50 to print a single page.

Visit the genealogy professional website at

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