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Ohio Books

bookFinding Your Family History in Northeast Ohio (Paperback) For anyone interested in finding their family roots in Northeast Ohio, this book combines practical how-to (and where-to) instructions with inspirational family history success stories.

Genealogy—family history research—is a fast-growing hobby. But it can be difficult to start. Official records are scattered in so many places, and each archive seems to have its own way of doing things. Where to begin?

Vicki Blum Vigil, author of Cleveland Cemeteries and an experienced researcher, knows her way around the most useful facilities (archives, libraries, churches, cemeteries, courts, and more) in this region. Her new book helps newcomers to genealogy (or to Northeast Ohio) figure out which places to look in and how best to use them.

She also shares some personal success stories of fellow Clevelanders who have discovered really interesting things about their ancestors—they make for great how-to examples and fun reading, too!

by Vicki Blum Vigil is an amateur genealogist and historian who enjoys discovering how the past affects the present. Through her books, seminars, and tours, she also enjoys showing others how to make discoveries of their own. A home and school counselor for the Euclid City Schools, she lives in Highland Heights, Ohio. She is also the author of Cleveland Cemeteries.

bookA People Set Apart: The Scotch-Irish in Eastern Ohio (Hardcover) by Lorle, Ph.D. Porter

See the Civil War through the eyes of the men who served. The Scotch-Irish Settlers of Eastern Ohio, with their fierce clannishness and strong ties to Presbyterianism, had definite attitudes about slavery and the Civil War. This is their story...from the Forks of the Yough to the "killing fields" of Georgia, as they followed "the Covenent of Christ" into the horrors of war. Much of the material is from private journals, letters, photographs, and private research, plus a rare, previously unpublished underground railroad diary. This definitive chronicle contains over 450 photographs, illustrations, and battle site drawings, 968 pages, a detailed and cross-referenced topical index, a surname of 3,000 individuals to aid genealogy researchers, soldier lists and methodology for dozens of units, and an extensive bibliography. The book is beautifully bound with foil-stamped cloth cover and striking full-color dust jacket.

About the Author
Dr. Lorle Porter, Professor Emerita and Regional Historian in Residence at Muskingum College in New Concord, Ohio has been recognized by the American Association of State and Local History as "...Southeastern Ohio's historical conscience, loyal friend, and cooperative partner in the cause of ensuring that the history of the people of this region remains at the heart of its evolving present and future."

bookHistory of Clinton County, Ohio: Containing a History of the County; Its Townships, Cities, Towns, Etc.; General and Local Statistics; Portraits of Early ... Constitution of the United States, etc. For anyone interested in finding their family roots in Northeast Ohio, this by W. H. Beers

This thorough account of the history of Clinton County consists of two volumes. The first volume includes the history of the Northwest Territory: geographical position, early exploration, the discovery of Ohio, Tecumseh and the War of 1812, Black Hawk and the Black Hawk War. The history of the state of Ohio is discussed, and covers topics such as: French History, Ordinance of 1787, No.32, the War of 1812, the Canal System, Ohio land tracts, state boundaries, organization and description of counties, and Governors of Ohio. Volume One also contains the history of Clinton County, and the histories of the Ohio townships of Wilmington and Union.

The Second volume covers the histories of the other townships in Clinton County: Adams, Chester, Clark, Greene, Jefferson, Liberty, Marion, Richland, Vernon, Washington, Wayne and Wilson, and it includes some biographical sketches of folks living in these townships during the 1800s. This work is accentuated by over 50 portraits of Ohio residents, and includes over 15 illustrations of landscapes and other interesting scenes. Complete with a new fullname index and a map of Clinton County.

(1882), 2004, 2 vols., 5.5 x 8.5, illus., map, index, paper, 1262 pp.

bookHistorical Collections of Harrison County, in the State of Ohio [Comprising Ohio Valley Genealogies] (Paperback) by Charles A. Hanna

The premier reference work on the Ohio Valley, this bears reference to upwards of 50,000 pioneers, most of them Pennsylvanians and Revolutionary War bounty holders who ventured into this region of eastern Ohio during the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The second and third parts of the work contain extensive alphabetical lists of the county's land, marriage, burial, and will records and detailed genealogies of the first settlers.

Paperback: 636 pages
Publisher: Clearfield Co; Reprint edition (June 1975)
Language: English
ISBN: 0806306580

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