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New York Books

bookGraveyard Shift: New York City Metropolitan Area Cemeteries (Paperback) by Carolee Inskeep

Find NYC's misplaced burial grounds. Finally, The Graveyard Shift-- a way to track-down the "final" resting places of your remarkably mobile ancestors buried in New York City's cemeteries.
Visiting grave sites of deceased relatives can be an enlightening and effective way to do ancestral research. In New York City, however, finding the cemetery, let alone the grave, can be a challenge. Rapid development, rising property values, lack of space, health concerns and government regulation have all conspired to keep the dead on the move.

The Graveyard Shift documents the changing landscape of NYC's cemeteries, telling the story behind each decision to move as well as providing the new names and locations of each burial ground. Each entry includes a compelling history of the cemetery as well as the names of famous--and infamous--New Yorkers buried there.

The directory includes detailed entries on all New York City cemeteries plus listings on additional cemeteries in New York State, Long Island, and New Jersey. Fully indexed, this book is an invaluable and entertaining research tool for anyone with ancestors in the New York City area.

272 pages, 7 1/4 x 10" paperback.

bookPermanently New Yorkers : Final Digs of the Notable and Notorious (Paperback) by Patricia Brooks Visiting the final resting places of famous personalities and historical figures is as much a celebration of lives fascinatingly led as it is an illuminating look into the past. From the famous to the infamous, New York's finest are all here.

From the Back Cover

They're Always Home!

Death may have taken some of New York's most famous (and infamous) characters, but our fascination with them never ends. Presidents and pathfinders, authors and actors, musicians and military heroes, saints and scoundrels--they all populate the hallowed grounds of the Empire State.

Join Patricia Brooks as she resurrects these larger-than-life personalities through spirited biographies and sepulchral photographs. From grand tombs to modest plots, you'll unearth the final resting places of more than 175 of New York's most intriguing permanent residents. Also inside:

* cemetery locations, contacts, and visiting hours
* information on graveyard tours, walks, and special events
* directions to related homes and museums nearby
* local restaurant recommendations for those with a lively appetite

bookTown of Union, New York: Civil War Enrollment & Troop Records (Paperback)

by Suzanne Meredith

The Town of Union gained its name during the American Revolution when the military troops of Generals Clinton and Sullivan joined forces in the area. When the nation once again braced for hostilities in 1861, the town filled with the same fervent patriotism. As one of the largest towns in the state of New York, troops were quickly mustered and enrollment lists easily filled.

Personal information about each soldier from the official enrollment lists of 1862 and 1864, the Complete Record of troops furnished to serve, compiled in 1865, and the personal list of volunteers from the Town of Union Supervisor records are include in the this volume. Details about men eligible for service and those who actually fought have been transcribed from the fragile pages of original records. In general, no spelling or grammar has been corrected. The town rolls contain accounts that may not be available in other documents. Men came from many counties and regions to enlist in the Town of Union when high bounties were given to volunteers. Also noted are paid substitutes who served in place of other men.

Paperback: 172 pages
Publisher: Heritage Books, Inc (April 2005)

bookAid to Finding Addresses in 1890 New York City Police Census (Paperback) by Howard M. Jensen

The 1890 New York City Police Census fills the gap for the lost 1890 Federal Census. It covers the county of New York which in 1890 included Manhattan, the West Bronx and a few adjacent islands. It has not been indexed so you must find your ancestors by their address. This book indexes every address in the 894 extant books of the original 1008 books, listing the book number the address will be found in and a cross reference of that number to the film number at the Latter-Day Saints Library in Salt Lake City. It lists separately Asylums & Children's Homes, Estates, Homes & Miscellaneous, Hospitals, Hotels, Jails and Prisons.

With 114 of the census books lost, this book will save you endless hours looking for an address in a lost book. It will also alert you to the fact that some addresses are in more than one book. This book toke over five years to compile, so it was sold in sections to some genealogy libraries. Ruth A. Carr, Chief of the Genealogy section of the New York Public Library found it "A great asset to their collection," and it will be the same for your collection.

When Mr. Jensen retired in 1984 he took up genealogy as a hobby. Since then he has self published many family books. He has also done much indexing for the Pinellas Genealogy Society at the Largo, Florida Library earning the Volunteer of the Year for the Genealogy section a few years ago. 2003, 5 x 8, paper, 282 pp.

bookThe Six Nations of New York: The 1892 United States Extra Census Bulletin (Documents in American Social History by Robert W. Venables (Introduction)

In 1892 the U.S. Census Printing Office published a report on the Six Nations in New York State which collected evidence still used today by the Six Nations to defend their legal rights. This facsimile edition, printed on heavy clay stock, with hand-folded maps, and in the original large trim size, belongs in the collection of all enthusiasts of American, New York, and American Indian history.

Hardcover: 89 pages

Publisher: Cornell University Press; Reprint edition (December 1995)
Language: English

ISBN: 080143226X

Product Dimensions: 11.9 x 9.4 x 0.6 inches

bookGenealogical Gleanings from New York Fraternal Organizations (Paperback) by Sherida K. Eddlemon

Information on each member varies but generally includes the individual's name, organization to which he belongs, and an additional piece of data such as residence, occupation, location of lodge, or his position in the organization.

Lengthier entries may include the names of parents, siblings, spouse, children, and other household occupants.

Paperback: 234 pages

Publisher: Heritage Books, Inc. (May 2004)

ISBN: 0788424718

Product Dimensions: 0.8 x 5.5 x 8.5 inches

bookPioneer Families of Orange County, New York (Paperback) by Martha Reamy, Bill Reamy

Pioneer Families of Orange County, New York - Martha and Bill Reamy. Lineages taken from old, unindexed local histories; includes lists of inhabitants, taxpayers, military rosters, etc. (1993), 2003, 8 x 11, index, paper, 318 pp.

Paperback: 318 pages

Publisher: Heritage Books Inc. (December 2003)

ISBN: 1585496014


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