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Irish Genealogy Books

Collins Tracing Your Irish Family History

The authoritative and comprehensive guide to tracing your Irish ancestry There's never been a better time to trace your Irish family history. Vast internet resources and DNA testing, as well as access to censuses, religious records and other archive material make this process easier than ever. Anthony Adolph gives you a wide range of tools and information to discover your Irish ancestry. The text is packed with weblinks to enable you to search the great number of records now available online, as well as providing contact information on other sources, such as archives and libraries. He explains how to trace family in Ireland, starting from various countries around the world (including Ireland itself of course), as well as looking at surnames, heraldry, families of non-Irish origin, and poignant stories of migration from Ireland. By reading this book you'll also be drawn into the lives your ancestors led, through the examples, compelling stories and fascinating social history which are interwoven within the text. This is the complete resource for discovering your Irish family history, and as a result, learning more about who you are and where you come from.

In 1845, a disease from America, phytophthora infestans, ‘potato blight’, swept Ireland. Exacerbated by 3 weeks’ heavy rain at harvest time, it destroyed 30-40% of the crop. The Fear-Gorta, the famine-bringing fairy who took the guise of an emaciated beggar, stalked Ireland’s green hills, and everywhere the life-giving potatoes were reduced to a stinking slime.

The Irish people, once a proud and independent race, but long-since subjugated to the rapacious rule of the British, died in their hundreds of thousands. Those who could staggered aboard the typhoid-infested “coffin ships” and risked everything to reach foreign shores. Even when the famine subsided, the ambition of every young – and not-so-young- Irishman and woman was to start a new life elsewhere. Thus, the populations of (in particular) Scotland, Wales, England, Canada, the United States, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand were swelled with great influxes of Irish people and Irish blood.

bookJourney of Hope : The Story of Irish Immigration to America by Kerby Miller
Kerby Miller America's preeminent historian of Irish immigration, is the author of Emigrants and Exiles: Ireland and the Irish Exodus to North America. He is the Middlebush Professor of History at the University of Missouri.

One of the greatest success stories ever told unfolds in the pages of this compelling, three-dimensional book. Through intimate letters, journals, and diaries of actual immigrants, Journey of Hope chronicles the Irish in America and their triumphant rise from adversity and prejudice to prosperity and prominence. Interactive fold-outs, pockets, and envelopes hold a myriad of facsimile documents that bring the Irish immigration experience vividly to life. Unfold the eviction notice that forced desperate Irish peasants from their homes--and to foreign shores. Read a father's farewell poem to the emigrating son he would never see again. Or study the letter of a proud Union soldier as he describes the brave deeds of his Irish-American regiment. From start to finish, Journey of Hope tells a fascinating story not soon to be forgotten.

Hardcover: 288 pages
Publisher: Chronicle Books LLC (September 1, 2001)

bookEmigrants and Exiles : Ireland and the Irish Exodus to North America by Kerby A. Miller

Rich in human detail, penetrating in analysis, this book is social history on an epic scale. The first "transatlantic" history of the Irish, Emigrants and Exiles offers the fullest account yet of the diverse waves of Irish emigration to North America.

Drawing on enormous original research, Miller focuses on the thought and behavior of the "ordinary" Irish emigrants, as revealed in their personal letters, diaries, journals, and memoirs as well as in their songs, poems and folklore. Miller shows that the exile mentality was deeply rooted in Irish
history, culture and personality, and it profoundly affected both the traumatic course of modern Irish history and the Irish experience in America.

Paperback: 704 pages
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA; Reprint edition (January 21, 1988)
ISBN: 0195051874
Product Dimensions: 9.0 x 6.0 x 1.3 inches

bookGoing to Ireland: A Genealogical Researcher's Guide (Spiral-bound) by Sherry Irvine, Nora M. Hickey

In a few weeks, a few months, next year, sometime-- you are going on a genealogical research trip to Ireland. Success will depend upon having names to work with and on some knowledge of place and time; progress will be better if some things are done before departure. How do you prepare, and do your best to insure research time is well spent? Start with this guide. The authors have considerable experience in helping genealogists begin their research in North America and in guiding them through the steps they must take in Ireland.

The book introduces researchers to Irish boundaries, Irish records and Irish repositories. There are suggestions for what to do at home, outlines of the contents and services of archives and libraires in Ireland, as well as some travel advice. The bibliography lists those how-to books and reference works which will build understanding and even speed the process. As well as being full of useful information, this handy guide is easy to take along. Don't leave home without it!

bookA New Genealogical Atlas of Ireland, Second Edition
Since its publication in 1986, A New Genealogical Atlas of Ireland has established itself as a key resource in Irish genealogical research. Now, with the addition of maps detailing the location of Roman Catholic parishes in all thirty-two counties of Ireland and Presbyterian congregations in the nine counties of Northern Ireland, this new 2nd Edition moves the book to the forefront of Irish genealogical research. Also, for the first time ever, this one volume contains a complete geographical picture of the three major religious denominations in Ireland during the middle years of the 19th century.

And just what is the importance of this? Civil registration for everyone in Ireland didn't begin until 1864. Prior to that, the only records of births, marriages, and deaths were found in local parishes. Therefore, the first step in any Irish research for the first half of the 19th century and before should be to identify the religious denomination and parish of your ancestor. Although any of the Townland Indexes from 1851, 1871, or 1901 will show the location of each civil parish (which generally corresponds to the boundaries of the Church of Ireland parishes), it has been much more difficult to uncover the corresponding Catholic parish or Presbyterian congregation. Until now!

This new 2nd Edition is not only invaluable for tracing your pre-1864 ancestors in church records but also for locating your post-1864 ancestor in civil records, for this volume provides descriptions and maps of the parochial and civil administrative divisions to which all major Irish record sources are linked. To aid the researcher in identifying the precise location of the administrative divisions, and thus their jurisdiction, Mr. Mitchell has drawn at least four, and sometimes five, maps for every county. The first county map depicts the civil/Church of Ireland parishes; the second shows the baronies and Church of Ireland dioceses; the third map illustrates the poor law unions and the parishes included within the probate districts serving that county; the fourth plots Roman Catholic parishes and dioceses; and the fifth locates Presbyterian congregations for the nine counties of Northern Ireland. Three maps of Ireland are also included to show the area covered by each county, diocese, and probate district. In addition, the book describes all of the major record sources of Ireland.

These maps provide the clues to the Irish origins of millions of Americans, making this atlas indispensable for tracing ancestors in Ireland!

bookTracing Your Irish Ancestors 2nd edition (Paperback)
Professional Irish genealogist John Grenham has written a book that combines all the best features of a textbook and a reference book, a book that carefully explains the elements of Irish research while at the same time providing an indispensable body of source materials for immediate use. Thus in Part l the most basic genealogical sources are gathered together and discussed in light of a research project, while in Part 2 sources which have a more advanced application are examined. And in Part 3 there is a reference guide to a comprehensive range of materials including county source lists, printed family histories, and church records.

Here are some of the highlights of Tracing Your Irish Ancestors: Maps of all Catholic parishes, checklist of sources for wills and testamentary records, list of manuscripts in the Genealogical Office in Dublin, itemization of passenger and emigration lists, various county by county source lists, complete listing of family histories in the National Library of Ireland, complete listing of all Church of Ireland parish registers, and a listing of Irish research services, societies, and repositories.

The tremendous growth of interest in Irish family history since the publication of the first edition of Tracing Your Irish Ancestors has brought to light many new sources and has radically changed the way in which some familiar sources can be used. These developments--along with a need for updates and revisions to the existing text--are the primary reason for publishing a new edition, which includes an expanded account of Northern Ireland repositories and a more comprehensive description of the holdings of the Family History Library of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

But the most significant advance in this 2nd edition is the inclusion of a list of Roman Catholic parish records--a 150-page list of copies of all known Roman Catholic records that can be found in the National Library of Ireland, the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, the LDS Family History Library, and in local Irish Heritage Centers. County by county and church by church, this list gives the dates, locations, and formats of all existing copies of baptism, marriage, and burial records. Keyed to parish and county maps, it is perhaps the single most important finding aid available to the genealogist.

Families of County Kerry, Ireland: Over Four Thousand Entries from the Archives of the Irish Genealogical Foundation (O'laughlin, Michael C. Book of Irish Families, Great & Small, V. 2.)

This is the 2nd book in our 32 volume 'Irish Families' series. It focuses only on families found in County Kerry and includes families of all religions and backgrounds, including old Irish families and settler families. It follows the master volume to the set, 'The Book of Irish Families, great & small" which contains information on families from all of Ireland.

An outline of the history of the county as it relates to Irish families, and to Irish research, is included, along with an exhaustive history of thousands of Kerry families.

6x9, hardbound, gold stamped @ 244 + xxvi pages. Illustrated, Surname Index. Over 4000 families of Co. Kerry are included, from ancient times to the coming of the 20th century. Copyright date is 2000.

Ireland: Genealogy & Family History of Counties - Kildare, Wicklow, Carlow

by Michael C. O'Laughlin
The family research guide with real life extracts, including maps, over 40 illustrations, family history notes and coats of arms, a 17th century census and more for County Kildare, Co. Wicklow and Co. Carlow in Ireland. A boon to genealogy research and organization for these counties, neatly bound so that pages easily lay flat. From the archives of the Irish Genealogical Foundation.
Part of the 32 county set on Irish Families.

About the Author: The author/editor, Michael C. O'Laughlin, serves as editor of the monthly Journal of 'Irish families' (since 1978), and is the most published author in the history of his field, including works published on all 32 counties of Ireland.

The All New Surnames of Ireland

One of the freshest works to appear in Irish Genealogy in decades. The author has combined the past knowledge of genealogy scholars with modern day records to pinpoint past AND present locations of the following families. (There is a map included for each of the 200 families below ! : Adamson Alcorn Archer Mc Ateer Barrett Bartley Beattie (Beatty) Beggs Bell Bergin Berry Bonner Boyle Brady Brennan McBride O Brien BrownBurke Byrne Caldwell McCandless McCann Carlin Carmody Carroll Carson McCartan McCarthy Carty McCay Clarke McCleary McClelland Clifford Cochrane Collins McComb McConnell O Connor (Conner, etc..) McConville Copeland Corrigan Costello Cowan Crowe McCullough Daly Davison Delaney McDermot Devine McDevitt Doherty DonaghyMcDonald ODonnell Donnelly ODonovan Doran Doyle Duff Duffy Duncan Dunlop Dunne Elder McElroy English McEvoy McFall Farrell Farrelly FitzgeraldFlanagan Fleming Flynn Foran Gallagher Gannon Garland McGarvey McGee Geoghegan Geraghty McGimpsey Given Glennon McGonagle Gorman McGourty McGrath GreerHackett OHagan Harley Harrington Hassell Hasson Hayes Healy Heffernan Henderson Henry Hogan Hogg Hopkins Hough Hussey Hynes Irwin JenningsJohnstone Joyce Kane Keane Kelly Kennedy Kenny McKeown Kerr Kerrigan Kidd Kieran McKillop King McKinley Lacey McLaughlin Lavelle LeahyOLeary Lee Logan OLoughlin Loughman Love Lynch Lynn Magee Maguire Maher Mahon OMahoney Marshall Martin Mathers Maynes Mee MeekMills Molloy Montgomery Moore Moorhead Moran Moreland Morgan Morton Mullan McMullen Mulvanny Murphy Murray McMurray McNamara ONeill Nolan McNulty Orr Pierce Quinn Rea ORegan OReilly Rutherford Ryan Salmon Scott McShane Shannon Sheehan Sheehy Simpson Sinclair Smith Stewart StitOSullivan Tate Thompson Todd OToole Treacy Vernor Walsh Warden Warke Whelan White Whitley McWilliams Wilson Yeates

A Genealogist's Guide to Discovering Your Irish Ancestors: How to Find and Record Your Unique Heritage

by Dwight A. Radford, Kyle J. Betit
Family genealogists will find easy step-by-step suggestions for determining an Irish ancestor's place of origin, and advice for researching Irish records in America and on the Emerald Isle itself.
Readers will find a wealth of information, such as:
* the basic strategies of Irish research
* working with home sources
* accessing, making sense of and working with Irish records inside and outside of Ireland
* making the most of Internet resources
* using cemetery records, church records, estate records, military records and more!

The Book of Irish Families: Great & Small, Third Edition

This is the master volume to our 32 volume set on Irish Families, the largest collection of Irish Family History ever compiled.
(This volume includes family histories from every county in Ireland. Subsequent volumes go into even more detail on a county by county basis.)
Also included in this master volume is the entire index for the first five volumes in the set.

The leading reference book on Irish Families, it has more surnames and family histories than in any other similar work.
In addition to the 2,000 family histories, over 18,000 names are included from the Master Book of Irish Surnames, which is a location index for Irish family names.
The Coats of Arms of Irish and settler families in Ireland are given here, along with the source from which they came.

The Scots-Irish in the Carolinas (Kennedy, Billy. Scots-Irish Chronicles.)

The Carolina regions of the United States of America were settled in large numbers during the 18th century by tens of thousands of Ulster-Scots Presbyterians, who left their native shores for reasons of religious persecution and economic deprivation.
In this third volume of the series on the hardy Scots-Irish communities who tamed the wilderness of the American frontier, journalist-author Billy Kennedy heads on a journey from the north of Ireland to the port of Charleston, South Carolina and the Carolina Piedmont, along the Great Wagon Road from Pennsylvania, through the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, into the western highlands of North Carolina and down to the historic Waxhaws, where President Andrew Jackson spent his childhood and early youth.

On this trail of the Scots-Irish in the Carolinas, five American Presidents emerge as direct descendants of the first frontier Carolina settlers. Also, John C. Calhoun, American Vice President for two terms, was the son of an Ulsterman who settled in the Carolina upcountry and literally hauled himself up by his bootlaces from a log cabin to a position as one of the nation's most influential policy makers.

The culture, political heritage, and legacy of the Scots-Irish so richly adorn the historical fabric of American life. Through this series on the Scots-Irish, people on both sides of the Atlantic may develop an awareness of our illustrious past which will assist them in facing the future with renewed insight and wisdom. The contributions of the Scots-Irish to the building of the great American nation were profound and deserve our full recognition.

In Search of Your British & Irish Roots A Complete Guide to Tracing Your

Whether you conduct your research in person or by mail, this celebrated manual--now in its Fourth Edition--will guide you in finding your ancestors in Britain or Ireland. Noted genealogist Angus Baxter provides detailed instructions for locating records abroad and shows how easy it is to do it by mail--or on a vacation trip! He begins with step-by-step instructions on drawing up a family tree, and explains how to use sources close at hand. The search continues by correspondence with family history societies, record offices, and other organizations listed here, before concluding with a possible--but not essential--trip to the source, Britain or Ireland. The new Fourth Edition of this classic work includes discussions of the following topics: * The transfer of important genealogical records from Chancery Lane and St. Catherine's House to the new Family Records Centre in London--most notably, civil registration records, census returns, and records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury * The 1986, 1996, and 1998 reorganization of counties in England and Wales and the latest information on where to find local records. Where available, URLs are given for county record offices (CROs), as well as for major repositories. Phone and fax numbers, if available, are also given for CROs and other archives * The British Library transfer of many of its collections from the Great Russell Street location (inside the British Museum) to a new facility at St. Pancras, London * The establishment of the Irish Genealogical Project * The 1998 amalgamation of the Public Record Office and State Paper Office into the National Archives of Ireland In the end, Baxter demonstrates how the threads of fact can be woven into a rich and detailed family history, the ultimate goal of every searcher determined to find his family roots.

Families of County Cork, Ireland (Vol. 4) (O'laughlin, Michael C. Book of Irish Families, Great & Small, V. 4.)

One of the historic volumes from the 32 book set on Irish Families from the I. G. F. and the Journal of Irish Families. This is the story and history of families in Co. Cork.
Ancient Cork families are included. Rare families found in Cork are given in this historic work too, some are found only once in the Co. Cork archives here. Settler families from England, Scotland and the continent who subsequently arrive in Co. Clare are included.

When needed, sources are given for further research on your family. Family castles, dates of occupation and locations are given. Ordinary Cork people, from the 17th to the 19th century are included as well.

This book greatly expands upon the families given in the first volume to the set, The Book of Irish Families, great & small. Many more Cork families are given here, and additional information can be found on families included in the first volume to the series.

bookIrish Families: Their Names, Arms, and Origins (Genealogy, Family History) (Hardcover)

by Edward MacLysaght

  • Hardcover: 248 pages
  • Publisher: Irish Academic Press; 4th Rep edition (July 1998)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 0716523647
  • Product Dimensions: 1.0 x 8.5 x 11.0 inches


bookThe Surnames of Ireland (Paperback) by Edward MacLysaght

Paperback: 314 pages

Publisher: Irish Academic Press; Reprint edition (June 1991)

Language: English

ISBN: 0716523663

Product Dimensions: 1.2 x 5.2 x 7.8 inches


bookIrish Records: Sources for Family and Local History (Hardcover) by James G. Ryan

Hardcover: 668 pages

Publisher:; Revised edition (May 1997)

Language: English

ISBN: 0916489760

Product Dimensions: 11.3 x 9.0 x 1.8 inches

Shipping Weight: 4.2 pounds.


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