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Professional Genealogists Researching American Records

To find a Professional Genealogist, select a region or state where records of your ancestors or relatives are expected to be found.  Your selection will list professional researchers who specialize/specialise in investigating these records.

United States of America

United States of America All USA specialties
United States of America Some USA specialties
Utah Salt Lake City
USA USA Northwest
USA South Mountain USA South mountain
California Hawaii California Hawaii

New England USA New England
USA USA MidAtlantic
New York New Jersey NewYork NewJersey
Pennsylvania + Delaware Pennsylvania Delaware
Maryland + D.C. Maryland + D.C.
Virginia + West V Virginia West Virginia

USA Indiana Illinois
Michigan Michigan Wisconsin
Ohio Ohio Kentucky
USA USA West Midwest
Georgia Carolinas Georgia Carolinas
Tennessee Tennessee Arkansas
Texas Texas Oklahoma
Alabama USA Gulf Coast

American Specialties

Native American Native American
African African American
Civil War American Civil War
Mayflower Mayflower Families
Hispanic Hispanic
Colonial Colonial America
United Empire Loyalist United Empire Loyalist
United States National Archives USA
Family History Library, Salt Lake City Utah Family History Library

USA Travel

USA American Lodging
United States of America American Tours

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Mexico California Hawaii USA South Mountain Northwest USA West Midwest Western Canada Ontario Canada Quebec Canada Atlantic Canada New England New York & New Jersey Michigan & Wisconsin Pennsylvania & Delaware Maryland & D.C. Virginia & West Virginia Georgia Carolinas Oklahoma Arkansas Tennessee Illinois & Indiana Illinois & Indiana Ohio & Kentucky Ohio & Kentucky Texas Gulf Coast USA


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