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Inquiry/Enquiry Management and eMail Solution for Professionals

eXpertGenealogy helps the professional to find potential clients for their services. Once the visitor has found a professional listing, contact can be made in different ways;
● The visitor can click through to the professional's independent website
● The visitor can click on a link to "send an email to this professional" which will start the visitor's email program
   - The address is filled in automatically using the mailto link
   - The address is encoded to prevent the address from being copied by some automated email harvesting programs.
● The visitor can fill in the short inquiry/enquiry form at the bottom of the first listing page or they can fill in the long inquiry/enquiry form by clicking on the eInquiry link at the top of the listing page

Inquiries/Enquiries from the forms

visitorconfirmation to the client
arrowThe Internetarrowserverarrowmailarrowcomputerprofessional
Inquiries stored in a database and sent to the professional


Because visitors have taken the effort to make an inquiry, care is taken to ensure that the inquiry is not overlooked or lost.
Inquiries/Enquiries from the forms are sent to 3 places;
● An acknowledgment is sent to the inquiring person
● Two copies of the inquiry are sent to the professional
   - One copy is sent from using Persits MailSender (optionally eliminated)
   - One copy is sent from the inquirying person's email address using Microsoft CDO
● The inquiry/enquiry is stored in the eXpertGenealogy database for future reference for the professional
   - The professional can review past inquiries/enquiries by using the LOGIN button at the bottom of the listing page.

Professionals have the option to eliminate the duplicate notification of inquires, but this is not recommended. Although the duplication seems redundant, there may be cases where one of the messages is filtered or lost. The duplication helps to ensure that inquires will get to the professional.

Responsiveness Star Rating

A responsiveness star rating is calculated for each listing. Currently the rating is based on the acknowledgement of the last 20 inquiries/enquiries. A 5 star rating means that over 80% of the inquiries were acknowledged, 4 stars means over 60% were acknowledged, 3 stars 40%, 2 stars 20%. If your listing is not rated with 5 stars you need to login as shown on the web page at, press the INQUIRIES button, review all of you inquiries and click on the acknowledgement link to confirm that you have received the inquiry. The responsiveness star rating is not immediately automatically updated, so you need to send an email message to to request that the responsiveness rating be updated.

Confirmation reminders

The inquiries are sent by email with instructions for the professional to confirm receipt of the message by clicking on a link. If receipt of the inquiry is not confirmed then a reminder is sent to ensure that the inquiry is not overlooked or lost.

Review confirmation status of all inquires

Professionals can review all inquiries in the database at any time by using the LOGIN button at the bottom of the listing page. The inquiry list, includes a link to confirm receipt of any inquiries not previously confirmed.

Decreasing reliability of Email - Having problems communicating with clients??

The recent increase in email spam has been likened to a tsunami. Spammers have been using many legitimate mail servers to send their junk email. If your mail server is used in this way even temporarily, you server may be identified as a source of spam and be blocked from sending email.

Problem?        your mail server             client's filter may block your messages
computermailarrowserver arrowThe Internetmailarrowserverfailcomputersad
You & your mail server may be unable to send email to your clients

Solution       eXpertGenealogy mail server
computermailarrowserver arrowThe Internetmailarrowservermailcomputermailhappy
Try using the eXpertGenealogy mail server

The decreasing reliability of email is a direct result of increasing junk email (spam) and the increased use of email spam filter programs. A number of professionals have reported been unable to communicate with clients, because their mail servers have temporarily been identified as spam servers. This could happen to your mail server and prevent your email from getting through to your customers. Reliable email service is critical for a successful business. To assist the professional, and to provide another way to communicate with clients, eXpertGenealogy now has a reply form associated with each inquiry/enquiry shown when you LOGIN. These forms use the eXpertGenealogy mail server and can be used at any time and are most useful if you have any problems with your own mail server.

CRM Customer Relationship Management

The management of customer inquiries/enquiries in this way means that has the beginnings of a Customer Relationship Management system that assists in the follow-up to customer inquiries. No other service provides this level of customer relationship management to genealogy professionals.


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