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Frequently Asked Questions from Professional Genealogists

QHow do I know that making an online payment is safe.

A Payments for services at are made with PayPal, an eBay company, which is one of the most trusted online payment processors. You enter your credit card number to the PayPal web site and it is not forwarded. receives your payment but not your credit card number. Visit for further information on the payment process. Payments are made to Team Approach Limited which was incorporated in 1976 by Terry Young and is the corporation that owns

For the transmission of your credit card number, you should always ensure that that the web site will secure the transaction with encryption. In the case of Internet Explorer, a secure web page using encryption is identified with this lock icon lock on the status bar at the bottom right of the window. If you use Netscape and FireFox then you must recognize their icons.  PayPal secures the transactions. but you should always check for this icon which signifies that data transmissions will be encrypted. If this icon is not present then you should not enter your credit card number.  

Q If I subscribe for a year, how do I know that will be there for the entire period of time.

A has become one of the most visited genealogy web sites on the Internet and has therefore become a valuable asset that is unlikely to stop. Visit the page on web site ranking by independent companies to see that eXpertGenealogy is very popular. The low introductory price ensures that you cannot loose by subscribing to

QHow are services guaranteed.

A guarantees that you will get clients if you become a paid subscriber. If you do not obtain business with your subscription, your subscription will be extended to the same length of time at no additional fee. Visit the Unsolicited Comments Page to see what others have said.

QI want to become a paid subscriber but I don't want to pay in US dollars.

A Payment is made with PayPal which also allows payments in Euros, Pounds Sterling, and Canadian dollars. You will see the current exchange rate when you make you payment. You can check the exchange rates at

QHow do I get a preferred listing?

AGo to the Advertising Options page and make a payment or send an email to with details of a link to

Q I have filled in the registration form but my information does not appear in the directories!

A Listings do not become active until they have been manually checked. The manual verification normally takes only a few hours, but may take until the next business day.

Q A search with Google and Yahoo does not find my web page!

AThe Yahoo slurp and Googlebot web crawlers visit every few days. Until they visit, your page will not be included by the search engine.

QHow do I change the information on my listing?

APage modification is a feature reserved for paid subscribers. Free subscribers will need to register a new page with correct information and then make a request to remove the old listing.

QWhy am I not notified by email when a prospective client makes an inquiry?

APaid subscribers DO receive an email notification when the inquiry form is sent. Free subscribers must login and check for inquiries at least weekly. In all cases, inquiries are stored in a database to ensure that the inquiry is not lost. In some cases, email messages have become unreliable and inquiries might be lost to anti-spam email filters.

QI entered my email address but it does not appear on my listing?

AFor free listing, your prospective clients will communicate with you with the inquiry form at the bottom of your listing.  Paid subscribers have a link for their clients to send email with an email program such as Outlook.

QWhy is there a RootsWeb button on my page?

AOnly free subscribers have this button. Linked or paid subscribers do not have this button.

QHow do I get features like colors and marquee scrolling text on my page?

AHTML code can be added to the description field in the Add Free Listing page. To do this you need to know HTML. Contact for assistance.

QHow do I include a PayPal button on my page.

APay subscribers can include their PayPal email account in the Add Record Registration form or the Page Modification form. This will automatically include a PayPal button and credit card logo on your web page. When your customers click the PayPal button, a PayPal windows pops-up with your PayPal account will already be included in the form.

QAre there fees to accept credit card payments with PayPal?

APayPal fees are considered as reasonable. At the time of writing, the standard rate is US$0.30+2.9% but you should check the rates on the PayPal site at

QIs involved in financial transactions between clients and professionals?

ANO. Once the client clicks the PayPal button, they go directly to the PayPal web site and has no involvement or knowledge of these transactions.

QWhat is the relationship between my web site and my listing at

AThis diagram shows the relationship. The arrows represent hyperlinks between the pages.

arrow Your listing at
listing page
arrow Your web site hosted at or your own ISP or web hosting company




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