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writingMore eInquiries with More Detailed Service Descriptions

The listings at are intended to advertise the services of genealogy service providers such as the professional researcher. A more complete description of the service will attract more attention and inquiries/enquiries than a minimal listing. One might think that if you have a website that fully describes your service, that this would be sufficient, but it is not. When potential clients search for your services, they will likely use a web search engine like Google, Yahoo, or MSN/Live. If your eXpertGenealogy description includes the information that people are looking for, then they will likely find it on the eXpertGenealogy website which will direct the potential client to you.

searchWhy will your service description be found in rather than your own website?

The website is a well established website that ranks well in search results for Google, Yahoo, and MSN/Live. Your service description on will likely rank higher in search results than the same description on your own website. Make sure that your service is found, by listing it as completely as possible in your listing.

QuestionWhat can you do to improve your listing?

Ensure that your service description is as complete as possible. Describe the record sources you have access to and the geographic area where you can conduct research. Often potential clients will search for keywords associated with record sources and geography.

NewSpecify Keywords Related to Your Professional Service

Important factors in search engines finding your listing is to provide a TITLE and URL that contain keywords relating to your professional service. Although your service description will contain many keywords, the keywords in your TITLE and in the URL will have greater significance to search engines.

TITLE - The default TITLE for your listing page includes your name and your business name. If this is not ideal then there is a new TITLE field that you can define by logging in and pressing the MODIFY button. Ensure that your listing page title contains appropriate keywords. 

URL - The default URL for your listing page is  If you can specify a better name than your original username, then you can specify an ALTERNATE NAME. A better name would contain keywords relating to your service. The eXpertGenealogy system maintains two names so that the indexing of the listing page with the original name is not lost.

Include a picture of yourself and other contact people in your company

Adding a picture of yourself to your listing page gives the visitor confidence about who they will communicate with and encourage them to send you an inquiry/enquiry. Experience has shown that the number of inquiries will increase if you include your picture.

AnswerEach Listing can include up to 4 pages!

Each listing can include up to 4 pages, plus the automatic eInquiry form. Each of these pages is linked from the research specialty directories, so the more pages you have the larger and more obvious is your listing.

InformationHow do you update your listing?

Paid subscribers have password controlled update access to their own listing? Alternatively, you can simply send instructions by email to  If you have your own website and wish to allow information from your website to be used to enhance your listing service description, simply send an email to requesting that your listing be expanded and we will do the work for you!!  Operational instruction to manage your listing pages are at


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