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Terry Young is the creation of Terry Young M.Sc. MCSE, an IT consultant with over 30 years of Information Technology experience. The website at is an extensive directory of professional genealogists for clients who need genealogy researching expertise.  This is a benefit for both client and professional. Clients have many different options to choose from. Genealogy professional can list their services.  The cost of this service is low by allowing the genealogy professionals to enter their own information to create their own web pages. Genealogy professionals can use their web listing here as a complete web site. Those who already have a web site will have another link to their site, thereby increasing its ranking with search engines. Any professional who wishes to obtain more clients should be interested in listing their services here.

Mission Statement

The mission of is to match clients who are looking for genealogy services with genealogy professionals. serves its genealogy professional clients by providing Internet web services including;

Listings in the most visited genealogy professional directory in the world which leads to inquiries from clients
A full range of affordable web site solutions
Easy to create web sites that are either part of the directory or independent of the directory
Full web site hosting services
Web portal hosting; See the example at
E-commerce solutions, Internet web presence advice, and technical support
Information Technology support for the genealogy professional who does not have access an IT department

About this Site

According to the independent Amazon/Alexa ranking, has become

The top ranked professional genealogy directory
One of the top ranked genealogy sites on the Internet

Check our traffic ranking graph by clicking here.

Beginners looking for free online genealogy resources should visit

Free resources listed at
Free WebSearch Wizard at

serverAs of January 11, is now powered by SQL Server.
As of July 21, is on a new faster server at
From May 3 to July 21, was on a server at 
Prior to May 3, was at

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